4 x 4 = 2?

 transbox300225xc300225The owner of a 53 plate  XC90 Volvo was a little  concerned with the lack  of grip from his 4x4. A  quick trip on a wet day up  the rather steep slope  into our workshop soon  revealed that all was not  well, with the front  wheels spinning it was  obvious that the rear  wheels were just along for the ride! Looking very much like the Transfer Gearbox was the culprit this was duly removed. Our technician Lee inspected the driveshaft splines which were found to be in good order.With the box removed the culprit was soon found. The drive from the transfer box is taken from the gearbox through a splined collar and on inspection Lee found that the splines inside this component had been stripped, hence no drive to the rear. A new part arrived the following day and our customer was soon on his way with not only full traction but a fuller wallet than he was expecting! Another happy customer on their way!